Premium agave syrup

Organic syrup, 100% blue agave.

Raw agave syrup

Hydrolyzed at 42ºC to preserve its natural nutrients; ideal for paleo diets.

Wild Agave syrup -

Syrup with slight neutral flavor, derived from agave salmiana.

Wild LF Agave syrup

Syrup with a more neutral flavor, and lower degree of sweetness.

Agave sugar

Powdered sweetener, with low glycemic index and greater sweetening power.

Prebiotic agave syrup

Agave-based syrup with greater proportion of natural fiber.

DSP prebiotic agave syrup

Syrup with a higher proportion of natural fiber, and double the sweetening power.

DSP Agave syrup

Syrup with double the sweetening power and steviol glycoside.

Balance: Agave and tapioca Syrup

Agave and tapioca blend with neutral flavor, that provides more energy with less cariogenic power.